The Quirónsalud Center for Innovation and Research will put at your disposal the resources and methods required to manage your ideas once they are put in the shape of a project. Our work follows the UNE 166002 standard for R&D management. We are officially accredited by this standard (IDI 0001/2015).

Te ayudamos en la memoria de proyectoTe ayudamos en la memoria de proyecto We help you with your project proposal

We join your team devoted to drafting the project proposal, offering you advisory on clinical, technical, and economic issues. We will guide you as you write the proposal and review the document to ensure that it meets the characteristics and expectations of the call you are targeting.

Presentamos tu proyecto competitivoPresentamos tu proyecto competitivo We present your projects to competitive calls

The Office for Project Management offers you the support you need for your proposal to be presented under the aegis of Quirónsalud for the different competitive calls-whether public or private, national or international.

Gestionamos el seguimiento de tu proyectoGestionamos el seguimiento de tu proyecto We provide oversight for your project

Throughout the life cycle of your project, we will provide oversight of the technical components of the project as well as fulfill yearly auditing requirements. We can also begin the filing procedures to present your project for a reasoned report.