Can your project give way to another project?

The Quirónsalud Center for Innovation and Research, in collaboration with the Quirónsalud legal department, helps you protect your research results. We look to pinpoint impact from the very start, and will design a business model that is tailored to your idea and the potential market for it.

  • Developing business models
    We use the Business Model Canvas to help you identify who your main stakeholders could be and to find out how your project's outcome could add to people's quality of life and the state of their health.
  • We advise you on matters of intellectual property
    With our advisory services, you will learn about how you can protect the intellectual property contained in what you develop, giving you insight into Spanish and European guidelines concerning intellectual property rights.
  • Product creation and patenting
    If your project is patentable or may make for a useful model, we will give you legal support so that you can navigate the patenting process.