Kari Bø is a trained physical therapist and exercise scientist. She had her PhD (doctor of science) in 1990 and was appointed professor of exercise science in 1997. She was elected rector of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. She has been the vice president of the Norwegian Council for Physical Activity, giving advice to the Norwegian Minister of Health on physical activity, fitness and health.

Professor Bø has published > 265 scientific papers on pelvic floor dysfunction, treatment of incontinence and low back and pelvic girdle pain, exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth, measurement methodology, fitness and women. She has published videos and books about the pelvic floor and women’s health for the general public, and has been visiting fellow/professor in universities at USA (Stanford) and New Zealand, Australia. She has also advised the Singapore Ministry of Health, Bristol Urology Institute UK and Brazil.

Above all these academic and scientific merits, she is well known for being a sympathetic and active person, eager to co-operate with a wide range of institutions. It´s an honour for us to have her sharing her knowledge at Centro Medico Teknon for the third time.


Save-the-Date_Master Class Kari Bo_ 7 Octubre_TeknonSave-the-Date_Master Class Kari Bo_ 7 Octubre_Teknon


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