Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) is the location chosen by the Quirónsalud Group to install what will be the first proton therapy center, which will be operational in 2019 and which will involve an investment of 40 million euros. The center will be open to patients from all backgrounds, both public and private health, and its professionals will work in coordination with the doctors of reference of patients to ensure continuity of care

It is a pioneer center equipped with the latest technology based on protons for the treatment of some types of cancer; a unique technology that is present in Europe only in 20 centers located in countries such as France, Germany or Italy, among others, and which responds to Quirónsalud's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in one of its main areas of excellence, such as is the care for cancer patients.

Thanks to the physical properties of protons, proton therapy is currently the most advanced radiotherapy technique to treat certain types of cancer due to its efficacy equal to or superior to conventional radiotherapy and its lower side effects, largely eliminated. Among its benefits are the minimal-even null-radiation in the vicinity of the tumor, a lower total dose of radiation per treatment, absence of tumors secondary to radiation and improvement of the quality of life of the patient. Applied in specific doses, protons can act with precision inside the tissues, achieving greater antitumor activity and generating less damage in healthy tissue, which makes this type of therapy especially indicated in pediatric patients.

"Quirónsalud's commitment to proton therapy is the result of our concern for quality and safety in the care of our patients and an example of our continuous innovation in the treatments and techniques used to improve the quality of life of people", highlights Dr. Leticia Moral, general director of Assistance and Quality of Quirónsalud. "This new equipment will allow us to develop our research and development work in a new field, also ensuring that we will have the most outstanding professionals."

A broad field of application

The proton therapy system acquired by Quirónsalud, called Proteous One, is a unique and compact treatment system that, unlike other proton therapy systems, brings together in a single multifunctional room all the technology necessary for the treatment of PTR in a cancer center. This equipment incorporates a system of tumor scanning to facilitate the doctor the application of the most appropriate dose in each area to be treated, and has the most advanced systems for taking images. In addition, the machine can rotate 360 ​​degrees on the patient, applying the proton beam from any angle.

Proton therapy is indicated in more than 15 percent of patients undergoing radiation therapy. According to international studies and scientific evidence, this type of therapy would be the treatment of choice in chordoma and chondrosarcoma, intraocular melanomas not suitable for brachytherapy of plaque and tumors in children and adolescents, craniospinal, low-grade glioma, ependymoma, craniopharyngioma , germ cell tumors, pituitary tumors and pineal tumors, rhabdomyosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, pelvis sarcomas and mediastinal lymphoma, among other tumors.

Quirónsalud continues investing in innovative technology and research to stay ahead with the largest offer of treatments available in our country in the area of ​​Oncology. This commitment to proton therapy as the most advanced radiotherapy technique currently represents another step in the natural development of its commitment to excellence in patient care.

In addition, the new proton therapy center that Quirónsalud will open in Madrid will be a space for innovation and research that will contribute with its projects to the improvement of the results of cancer treatments and the quality of life of patients.

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