Mortality from cancer has decreased by 27% since 1991, according to el Dr. Antonio Brugarolas, head the Oncological Platform del Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja, on the occasion of World Cancer Day. The data, recently published by the American Cancer Society in the journal Cancer Journal, can be applied in a general way to the western world, since the professional, sanitary and technological health approaches are shared in a generalized way with Europe, just as says Dr. Brugarolas.

Another of the data to be highlighted in the study is the stabilization of its incidence in the case of women and the decrease of 2% in the case of men. "When studying the different types of cancer," explains Dr. Brugarolas, "the decrease in incidence refers to lung, breast, prostate and colorectal cancer, that is, in the most frequent cancers of men and women. There has been, on the contrary, during this period an increase in incidence in melanoma, liver, pancreas and thyroid. "

Advances in oncology translate mainly into good results in terms of cure in prostate cancer, and breast, as well as melanoma. "The tumors with low results are still pancreas, liver, esophagus and lung, although these have also obtained better results in survival," says the specialist.

"You can not point to an advance that has been extraordinary or exclusive in these results," says Dr. Brugarolas, "and should be assigned as a priority the adoption by the population of a healthy lifestyle, with an appropriate diet , doing more exercise, preventing obesity, following the appropriate check-ups for the early detection of breast, gynecological, colorectal, prostate and lung cancer ".

Free second opinion consultations at the Hospital Quirónsalud de Torrevieja

The professionals of the Oncology Platform of the Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja will disinterestedly attend to patients who, from February 11 to 15, request a multidisciplinary and personalized second opinion consultation. This initiative is part of the events promoted in the hospital center on the occasion of World Cancer Day, which is celebrated every year on February 4 under the auspices of the WHO.

Interested patients can request a free consultation by calling 966 92 57 33. The patient must provide all documentation available to him -analytics, markers and scans- to achieve maximum usefulness in his visit, from which a diagnosis report will be issued. .

The Oncology Platform of the Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja is a center of national and international reference in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Integrated by a team of more than 30 professionals of first level, which offers integral and individualized care to the oncological patient from the first diagnosis, with the most advanced technology and diverse pioneer programs of healing.

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