The increase in the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets has increased trauma consultations for neuro-musculoskeletal injuries, as stated by Dr. Alfonso Cort, a traumatologist at the Quirónsalud Alicante and Torrevieja hospitals.

According to recent studies, each of us spends an average of five and a half hours connected to the mobile phone and the computer, which explains the emergence of so-called technological injuries, increasingly at younger ages. Among the most common injuries are Quervain tendonitis of the thumb, carpal tunnel syndrome and epicondylitis or tennis elbow due to the use of the mouse in an inappropriate position or repetitive movement. "These pathologies have their origin in the repetition of the same movements of our hands and fingers for long periods of time which causes an inflammation in the tendons and nerves," says Dr. Cort

"These injuries," says the traumatologist, "begin by manifesting a constant tingling in the hands, especially at night, accompanied by muscle pain in the upper limb."

Other of the great harmed by the use of phones and tablets are the neck and back due to the position we adopt, both standing and sitting, while we are using these electronic devices. "The most common injury," says Dr. Felipe Garibo, specialist of the Column Unit of the traumatology service of the Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, "is cervicalgia, whose manifestation begins with pain, tension and overload in the area of ​​shoulders and neck, caused by muscular overload of a continued use of the mobile by the flexion position of our head for long periods of time.

To avoid these injuries, Dr. Garibo recommends reducing the time of use of these devices, raising them to eye level to avoid lowering the head, using both thumbs and both hands when writing messages, in addition to performing exercises to improve cervical musculature

Main injuries arising from the abuse of technologies

  1. Tension, overload and feeling of weight in the shoulder or neck area due to overload of the cervical-scapular musculature.
  2. Headaches and / or feeling dizzy from the sustained contraction of the sub-disciplines and the possible effects of keeping the attention fixed on the screen for a long time.
  3. Different alterations of the cervical spine due to asymmetric tensions derived from the position with rigidity, instability or blockage of certain segments of the spine.
  4. Pain and stiffness in hands and fingers, and even tingling. Excessive use of the thumb has come attached to smartphones, the appearance of tendinitis is frequent due to the movement of the finger. For that reason, the use of digital pencils is advised.
  5. Pain referred to the frontal and cervical area, and even sensation of pressure in the ear canal and / or the eyeball due to excessive use of the mobile activating the myofascial trigger points (PGM) described as hyperirritable nodules ".
  6. Weakness and inhibition of the stabilizing musculature of the trunk and spine, as well as the loss of motor control, which leads to the loss of the physiological and normal pattern of movement.
  7. Epicondylitis or tennis elbow due to the use of the mouse in an inappropriate position or repetitive movement.
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