The Christmas aftermath, a relaxing relaxed moment in which we give ourselves permission to express ourselves more lightly, can become a moment of family disagreements in the face of different comments. The specialists of Quirónsalud Valencia and Torrevieja advise fleeing political opinions, especially if you know that any of those present have a very opposite or little dialogue, as well as not hurt the religious feelings at a time based on the orientation of Christian faith.

Another issue to avoid is sex, "although it can be fun," says Dr. Marina Sangonzalo, psychologist at Quirónsalud Valencia, "we must be careful if we have people from other generations who may be uncomfortable or inappropriate" . Likewise, it is also convenient to avoid talking about previous love relationships, "better follow the pattern of leaving the past behind and living the present. Mentioning events from previous Christmases that have been lived with ex-partners may hurt some sensitivity, "says Dr. Nuria Javaloyes, a psychologist at Quirónsalud Torrevieja.

This type of frictions tend to be more recurrent among the political relatives such as brothers-in-law, in-laws, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law because they have not been chosen, unlike the couple who are our choice. Although as Javaloyes indicates in all families, there is an agglutinating figure, a role normally played by a father, a mother or a grandfather, which is a family reference to which everyone respects and helps to smooth the rough edges.

For Javaloyes, Christmas is the date indicated to exercise our assertiveness and avoid reproaches. "A good practice is to avoid messages" is that you "and turn them into" I would like to, "in this way we can avoid possible conflicts of family gatherings," advises the specialist.

Specialists recommend when adopting this type of situation to adopt a calm attitude, minimize the conflict and openly ask the parties to put aside their differences and to value all the good things that surround them at that time.