Quirónsalud Alicante launches the "En las mejores manos" campaign. A campaign led by some professionals of the prestigious medical staff with which the center will open its doors next May 27. The new Quirónsalud center is located on Calle Cruz de Piedra, 4. (Next to Avenida de Denia). and you can request a medical appointment in almost all medical specialties, diagnostic tests, laboratory and general emergencies, gynecological. Quirónsalud Alicante is a high resolution private medical healthcare center, belonging to the Quirónsalud Group, present in 13 autonomous communities with more than 100 centers. Quirónsalud is a leader in private healthcare, approaching people from experience and innovation, to offer each patient the most personalized treatment.

The offline and online communication actions value the broad team of professionals, the most advanced technology and the management model based on a solid commitment to quality and people. All campaign pieces redirect to a microsite (www.enlasmejoresmanos.comThis link opens in a popup window) from which you can know in greater detail the center and the top medical officers of the different specializations.

Quirónsalud is the leading company in Spain in the provision of health services, with more than 60 years of experience in the health care and well-being of people. They cover all medical specialties to offer comprehensive care to the patient. For this, they have more than 70 centers throughout Spain.

Incorporation of professionals

Our policy focuses on having as allies of professionals of the highest qualification and prestige, having avant-garde technology, paying special attention to the quality of care within an environment with a high level of comfort for our patients and their families.

Quirónsalud Alicante has already been incorporated more than one hundred professionals from different departments and areas. The new staff, which will be increased before the end of the year, has received training on the Quirónsalud Hospitalar Group and has carried out group activities for its rapid adaptation to the culture and quality standards of care and services that Quirónsalud provides to its patients.

More information at www.enlasmejoresmanos.comThis link opens in a popup window

Quirónsalud in the Valencian Community and Region of Murcia

The Quirónsalud Medical Center Alicante joins our 7 centers in Valencian Community and Region of Murcia, forming part of a leading group that is at the forefront of medicine. We believe in a model of health care where people are the epicenter and that from now on Quirónsalud makes available to all the people of Alicante to offer them the best care of their health.

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