The Hospital Quirónsalud de Torrevieja has signed an agreement with the Association of Relatives and Patients with Cancer of Torrevieja (AFECÁNCER) in order to collaborate in different activities and especially with patients undergoing some type of treatment as a result of a cancer diagnosis.

Among the different benefits offered to the associates, there is free access to group therapy offered by the Hospital Quironsalud Torrevieja, aimed at patients who have cancer or have overcome it and their families, as well as very advantageous discounts on nutritional packages for patients with chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, consultations and diagnostic tests.

The Association of Relatives and Patients with Cancer of Torrevieja (AFECÁNCER), is an entity formed by people who have had a direct relationship with the cancer disease and who wish to invest their effort in helping, altruistically, those who currently suffer from it , in order to protect and promote the rights of sick people, trying to undertake all those actions aimed at increasing their well-being and quality of life.

Firma del Acuerdo AFECANCERFirma del Acuerdo AFECANCER

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