The Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia addresses the latest advances in hand and wrist arthroscopic surgery in the course organized by Dr. Vicente Carratalá, head of the Hand Surgery Unit and Superior Member and Dr. Francisco Lucas, both experts in this technique. During the course the specialists have had the opportunity to start and practice the technique in cadaveric specimens using arthroscopy devices and the most advanced technology to reproduce and consolidate the learning that will later be transferred to clinical and surgical practice.

In addition to fractures, such as radio or scaphoid fractures, the most frequent injuries of wrists occur in the internal ligaments of the joint, the commonly known as wrist sprain or notice the wrist open, as stated by Dr. Vicente Carratalá , "often hidden ligament injuries very important that can become very disabling."

For the treatment of this type of injuries, wrist arthroscopy has been a great advance in the surgical approach of this joint. "This technique", explains Dr. Carratalá, "allows, through small incisions and with the help of a camera of just 2.5 millimeters in diameter, to work inside the wrist joint to diagnose and treat the different pathologies of the joint, from fractures to injuries of ligaments, ganglions, etc. "

Among its many advantages, arthroscopic surgery allows a better and faster recovery of the lesions, as well as a more comfortable postoperative period with less pain for the patient.