On the occasion of World Breast Cancer Day, which is celebrated on Friday, October 19, Quirónsalud Valencia invites the public to come closer to solidarity with patients and their families, to leave a message of support and solidarity in post format -it in the murals prepared in the hospital center. In addition, a guide will be distributed in the form of a book point with breast self-exploration advice on how to prevent this disease and the importance of early diagnosis.

Breast cancer is the most frequent among the female population in Spain and represents 29% of all cancers. In Spain, 28,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and it is estimated that one in eight women will develop breast cancer throughout their lives. It is experiencing an increase in the number of breast tumors. This increase in incidence, as explained by Dr. Teresa Olmos, specialist in breast cancer at the Oncology Service of Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, "is due to early diagnosis, increased life expectancy, family history and exposure to risk factors, some modifiable such as tobacco, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, exposure to ionizing radiation, tendency to decrease the number of children, older age at first pregnancy, age of menarche and menopause. This incidence increases with age, so starting at age 50, population screening is recommended, although an increase in cases of 10% from 40 years is also being detected. To emphasize that the mortality rate in 2015 was 6,385 women, which represents a decrease of 19%. Currently, the survival rate at 5 years is 85%, this improvement is due to various causes such as early diagnosis, new therapies increasingly effective and fewer side effects.

The specialists recommend to undergo a first mammography at forty years and the repetition of this test every two years for the early diagnosis of this pathology, "although depending on the characteristic of the breast the specialist could recommend an annual review for a period of time for a better follow-up ", points out Dr. Teresa Olmos.

High Resolution Breast Unit

The Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia has a rapid circuit for the early diagnosis of breast that can be accessed directly by women who want to undergo a study of their breasts with the aim of facilitating early diagnosis of cases in the general population. This service is made up of oncologists with extensive experience in the early diagnosis of breast cancer to assess the risk of suffering a breast tumor, through clinical review and request mammography and breast ultrasound. Once the risk has been assessed and the imaging tests have been checked after a thorough examination, the oncologists issue a diagnostic judgment and recommendations immediately.

This unit is equipped with a tomography microscope, one of the most advanced on the market and whose technology allows to evaluate the breast volumetrically, in 3D, and obtain millimeter cuts that favor a much more precise study of the gland, since it eliminates superposition of normal structures that can hide the existence of a tumor. It has been shown that tomosynthesis is able to detect up to 30% more breast cancers than conventional mammography, diagnosing tumors in very early stages and thus improving the prognosis.