The Institutes of Assisted Reproduction of Quirónsalud Valencia and Dexeus Quirónsalud Murcia will carry out free tests for the early detection of endometriosis from June 4 to 8 on the occasion of the International Fertility Month. The tests are aimed at women between the ages of 30 and 40, with a history of abdominal-pelvic pain during the menstrual cycle or with difficulty in conception. For its realization is necessary prior appointment that patients can request in Valencia by calling 96 104 16 21 or in the mail and in Murcia through 968 27 10 30 or in the mail prevencion.mur@quironsalud. is

Endometriosis is one of the most frequent gynecological pathologies and is characterized by the presence of endometrial uterine tissue functioning outside its original location, which is the uterine cavity. "This disease affects 15% of women of reproductive age and its presence increases to 50% in women who have infertility," says Dr. Javier Díaz, head of the Assisted Reproduction Institute of Quirónsalud

Regarding its origin, experts say that it is a combination of multiple factors. As Dr. Víctor Villalobos, head of the Reproductive Institute Dexeus Quirónsalud Murcia, has pointed out, "different theories have been described such as retrograde menstruation, lymphatic and vascular dissemination, hormonal or immune system alterations and genetic predisposition. Although their diagnosis may seem complicated, thanks toAdvances in diagnostic imaging in gynecological consultations can be determined thanks to high definition echographs.
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