Tobacco is the origin of nine out of ten laryngeal cancers and its incidence is much higher in men. As explained by Dr. Manuel Bernal Sprekelsen, otorhinolaryngologist and specialist in laryngeal surgery of larynx Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, "95% of cases of laryngeal cancer are diagnosed in men, mainly because they have more toxic habits." Regarding the incidence by countries, the specialist highlights a greater number of cases in southern Europe, in countries such as France Spain and Italy, than in Anglo-Saxons.

In addition to tobacco, Dr. Bernal highlights the genetic factors, substances that are inhaled in certain work areas, such as nickel, or combustion products such as oil, food, human papillomavirus infections and chronic laryngitis with dysplasia severe

Regarding the advances in the techniques for the approach of this type of tumors, the doctor highlights the use of minimally invasive techniques that allow tumor resection by transoral route. "Transoral microsurgery with a carbon dioxide laser", he clarifies, "combines the precision and coagulation capacity of the carbonic laser with microscopic control, providing very good oncological and functional results. Their results in early laryngeal tumors are totally comparable to those of partial external surgery, with local control equal to or superior to that achieved with radiotherapy. For this reason, transoral laser microsurgery is now considered a first-line treatment for early laryngeal cancer, offering a survival rate of over 90% at five years, as well as the preservation of the larynx. " The excellent results of this surgery in early tumors have gradually led to the extension of its indications to some tumors considered intermediate and / or locally advanced. "Although today this surgery is not considered a standard treatment in locally advanced laryngeal tumors, the results are very encouraging, with oncological and functional results totally comparable to those of other therapeutic alternatives."

Regarding the benefits of this type of surgery, Dr. Bernal highlights a lower morbidity for the patient, a faster functional recovery and the possibility of avoiding tracheotomy in a very high percentage.

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