Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital is a benchmark for private healthcare in the Madrid Region and forms part of the Quirónsalud Hospital Group, a company with centres in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Vizcaya, San Sebastián, Málaga and Valencia. Three pillars comprise the foundation of its healthcare philosophy: top-level professionals, cutting edge technology and personalized attention.

Quirónsalud Madrid has a total surface area of 54,000 square metres of hospital facilities in a free-standing building in Pozuelo de Alarcón, capable of blending a practical character with convenience for patients and relatives.

At Quirónsalud Madrid, 39 medical and surgical specialities are available, making it a general hospital capable of responding to all our patients’ needs. Among other features, it has 21 operating theatres, 11 image diagnosis rooms, a surgical and oncological day hospital, a pathology laboratory and facilities for Clinical Analyses, Molecular Biology and Genetics, a Sleep and Epilepsy Unit, Blood Bank, two endoscopy rooms and an intensive care unit for adults and another one specifically for paediatric and neonatal care. In addition, there are 235 individual rooms with outdoor views, 8 of them for isolation patients, 57 suites (suites, special suites and Grand Suites), 2 bedrooms for EEG video studies, 3 more for polysomnography studies, 1 bedroom for metabolic treatments, 14 Intensive Care beds for adults, 18 neonatal Intensive Care beds, 8 paediatric Intensive Care beds, 5 birthing rooms, 1 operating theatres for complex deliveries, 2 haemodynamics room, a post-surgical recovery room (13 beds). And also a Surgical Day Hospital (13 boxes), an Oncological Day Hospital (15 boxes) and a Clinical Analysis Laboratory.

In addition to these facilities, we have a round-the-clock Emergency Department for both children and adults, more than 70 out-patient clinics and the technological capacity to perform highly complex surgical procedures in all kinds of pathologies.
The Diagnostic Imaging Department is outstanding, not just for its prestigious team of professionals, but also its technological capabilities: two 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance unit, two 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance units, one 64-slice multi-detector CT scanner, 1 stereotaxic table for breast biopsies, 1 digital remote control unit, 1 digital X ray room, 2 ultrasound scanners, 1 densitometer, 1 digital orthopantomograph, 1 digital mammogram, 1 PET-CT scanner, 1 SPECT-TC scanner.

At the Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital more than 300,000 consultations and surgical procedures are carried out every year, many of them extremely complex. The hospital has all of the amenities of a hotel establishment: spacious individual rooms, in-house catering, a cafeteria and extensive waiting areas.

For us, the most important thing is for you to feel at home. To make this possible, both our personnel and our facilities are at your service to provide you with anything you may need.