What are the advantages of requesting a second medical opinion through Quirónsalud?

  • A remote second opinion is an attractive option when a person is facing a severe health problem or must make decisions about their treatment. A second opinion is especially advantageous when the health system in a person's home country does not offer specialized care for their pathology or when accessing this care is difficult. In these cases, seeking the advice of an expert is the safest option.
  • By requesting your second opinion remotely, you will save on doctors' fees and unnecessary transportation costs. A second opinion will also provide you with information on possible treatments and put you in a better place to consider other options or confirm the suitability of the treatments you have already received.
  • In doing this through Quirónsalud, you will be accessing the opinions of world-renowned medical professionals who will take a personalized approach to your case, indicating the most appropriate treatment and medical center for you

For which medical services can I request a second opinion?