Breast Cancer

Diagnosis and treatment

Our team has set up a Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis Unit that aims to facilitate an early diagnosis of cases in general population. Speed and diagnostic efficacy are the pillars of action at this Unit. Here oncologists having in-depth experience in the early diagnosis of breast cancer will assess your risk of developing a breast tumour. They will explore in detail the mammary glands and the nodal territories dependent on them in search of suspicious nodules and will evaluate mammograms and, eventually, mammary ultrasounds that are requested during the consultation.

Once the risk has been assessed and the imaging tests have been checked after a thorough examination, our oncologists will make a diagnosis and recommendations based on the results obtained after the consultation, either immediately or within 24 hours.

Surgery types

Surgical treatment of breast cancer involves tackling it at two levels: the breast and the armpit. In the first case, years ago it was shown that the risk of relapse was practically the same if the whole breast was removed, or if the tumour was removed with a safety margin and then radiotherapy was administered. Hence, every increasingly more conservative surgery is performed at Quirónsalud, removing the tumour with a safety margin. For this we apply techniques and accesses that leave scars in less visible areas, while mobilizing the breast tissue so that there is minimum breast modification. On occasions we have to remove the whole breast as in the case of large tumours or small breasts.

Another technique applied which is highly effective is called sentinel lymph node. Thanks to this technique we avoid removing the nodes of the armpit that are not affected and prevent the side effects of this surgery, such as infections, swelling or anaesthesia of the inside of the arm.