Clean Room: dentritic cell vaccines

Quirónsalud Torrevieja Hospital is equipped with a Clean Room designed as per international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality standards for the development of advanced therapy medicinal products, such as vaccines with dendritic cells.

The Clean Room custom designed and built to obtain minimum or nil contamination levels where the so-called "advanced therapy medicinal products" are manufactured.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing of dendritic cell vaccines for the treatment of prostate cancer includes different steps, which are all performed within the Clean Room. Cells that have only a single cell nucleus (mononuclear), which are lymphocytes and monocytes are selected from the patient’s blood.

Subsequently, dendritic cell culture is obtained from the incubation of these mononuclear cells with different stimulatory molecules. In the final step, the dendritic cells are incubated with prostatic acid phosphatase to obtain specific dendritic cells of this protein which will then be finally infused in the same patient. This vaccine will cause an in vivo activation and proliferation of T lymphocytes specific tumour effectors, which recognise and eliminate cancer cells that express prostatic acid phosphatase.