Drug therapy

Personalised Drug therapy increases response rate and reduces toxicity of cancer treatments. The Personalised Drug Therapy Unit specialises in therapeutic drug monitoring of cancer drugs, this involves the measurement and interpretation of drug concentrations in blood in order to identify the effective and less toxic dose for each patient.

It also adds value for clinical decision-making in the following situations:

  • Anticipate failures in the treatment as a result of not receiving the right systemic exposure.
  • Enables to recommend dosage increases in a safe manner.
  • Difference between good tolerance to treatment and insufficient dosage.
  • In the event of toxicity after chemotherapy, it identifies which drug causes toxicity and allows to reduce the dose, only, of the therapeutic agent that causes this toxicity, without compromising the effectiveness of the other drugs.
  • Detects non-adherence to treatment (in case of oral therapies).
  • Detects drug-drug and drug-food interactions.