Foot and Ankle Unit

The Foot and Ankle Unit has excellent foot and ankle traumatologists, specialised in this complex joint. The joints and bone structures of the foot and ankle are exposed to continuous movement supporting the entire weight of the body. Thus, these structures are frequently injured from overloads or direct damage in young people and sportsmen. Also, given the continuous work they do, they suffer deformations due to chronic wear.


The Foot and Ankle Unit offers the most innovative techniques in the field of orthopaedic surgery such as percutaneous surgery of the Hallux Valgus that allows the correction of the most severe deformities through minimal incisions and endoscopy of the foot and ankle for arthroscopic repair of chronic sprain (instability), tendoscopy, calcaneoplasty endoscopic, tendon transfers, etc..

We are specialists in the treatment of complex foot and ankle deformities through osteotomies and tendon transfers or the use of ankle prostheses, trying to avoid arthrodesis as much as possible. The high degree of specialisation of the Unit in sports diseases of the foot and the treatment of high level sportsmen is worth mentioning.