Hand and Arm Unit

The Hand and Arm Surgery Unit specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and research of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases affecting the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.


It stands out for its high degree of specialisation in minimally invasive surgery such as hand, wrist and elbow arthroscopy and endoscopic treatment of the most common nerve compression syndromes such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and ulnar nerve entrapment in the elbow.

Another aspect to highlight is the treatment of traumatic injuries of the hand, wrist and elbow such as elbow fractures, wrist fractures, scaphoid fractures, phalanges and metacarpals fractures and repairs of tendon and nerve injuries.

The members of the Unit are specialists in the treatment of sports and occupational injuries affecting the upper limb such as epicondylitis, bicep tendon ruptures in the elbow, tendon shoulder injuries, peripheral nerve involvement, hand tendon injuries and complex fractures.