From Quirónsalud Málaga Hospital Coaching Unit we would like to contribute to the personal and professional growth and development of not only teachers but also students and parents of our schools and educational centers. We offer training (workshops) or specific interventions focused on strengthening skills and abilities of teaching teams, schools managers, families and students.
The goal of educational coaching is to create a change in society through children and young people so they can develop their full potential (cognitive and emotional) and display all their talents and intelligences. To support this view, adults that accompany children through their growing and learning processes (mothers, fathers, relatives and teachers) must be prepared to be a useful and productive leader with them.

The areas to work on would be:

  • To motivate self-knowledge
  • To facilitate new tools that help to improve abilities and skills
  • To promote individual responsibility, commitment and self-confidence
  • To cultivate a philosophy of motivation and enthusiasm
  • To generate critical awareness
  • To educate in values and emotions
  • To motivate awareness
  • To develop creativity, talent and vocation
  • To stimulate co-operation and team work