Within the health sector, the main goal is to apply the coaching process to patients (or to their relatives) so that they become responsible of their own self-care, committing to change and keeping healthy habits from a global point of view (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). This perspective makes the transit from a passive patient to an active one easier, optimizing her ability to recover and making her feel better. Having an illness is different to being and feeling ill. This methodology is applied as prevention (healthier life style) but also to patients with a chronic pathology (diabetes, chronic pain, etc.)

A coaching process is never recommended without a doctor’s approval or from feedback from other specialists involved in the client evolution process (psychotherapists, physiotherapists, chemists, etc.), as coaching is always a tool that complements those treatments.

Health coaching application fields could be:

  • Implementation and maintenance of healthy habits and life style improvement (cigarettes, diet, physical exercise)
  • Balance of personal areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Facing an illness
  • Adaptation to a treatment
  • Reaching motivation, discipline and responsibility, moving from passive to active patient