Human biography (HB) is a method of personal self-knowledge created by the Argentinean therapist and writer Laura Gutman.

After more than 30 years of therapeutic work with patients, the author has organized a methodology through which a person can tackle her own emotional reality from the point of view of the child that she was. With the guidance of the therapist, they investigate clients’ shadows and darkness (the unconscious mind, whatever was not said but existed or happened, the facts that have remained hidden) in order to become aware of the distance between essential being and the character that they have become, bringing to light the emotional survival mechanisms that they maintained through the years, unmasking the "misled speeches", understanding the linking plots that were organized during their childhood, ones that they maintain afterwards during their adult life without question.

Everything we are and everything happening to us is part of a global logic that becomes the "scene dynamics" of where we were brought up. The final goal of a HB is to unravel that scene dynamic by following a chronological order or memories collection that eventually leads into the true emotional reality of the client.

The HB is suitable for anyone who wishes to find out more about themself, and it can be especially revealing in the following cases (work will be always carried out with the responsible adults, never with the children involved in each case):

  • Bonding or relationship difficulties with children
  • Children that show constant symptoms or who are often ill
  • People that suffer from emotional bursts or blockages
  • Postnatal depression
  • Difficulties in establishing or maintaining relationships
  • Addictions