Coaching is a valuable personal and professional development technique, useful at any situation related to change management.

Improvement areas where life coaching could become useful are:

  • Overcoming personal or professional crisis
  • Professional re-orientation
  • Learning and developing abilities
  • Improving personal and professional relations
  • Emotional management
  • Elimination of negative habits, etc.

In both life and executive coaching, we work with one individual, a person that wants to manage a change or to improve any particular aspect.

When talking about executive coaching within the business industry, we must consider that the company competitive advantage lies within its human capital. In order to get its managers to perform, innovate and motivate their staff, it is important to motivate them first, making them part of the process. From executive coaching we assist managers in their professional development, mainly through leadership skills (motivation, communication, goal setting, time and stress management, etc.)

Coaching generates an inner transformation that affects people’s behaviours, beliefs and values, so we are talking about a deep change that will be maintained over time. When working with an executive or manager about a specific goal that will have an impact within the company, we are passing on a method that will always be useful to them when developing leadership within their own departments or teams.