The Quirónsalud Malaga Hospital offers a new style of private health care in Andalusia. The hospital has over 51 specialist areas occupying 24,600 square metres, with 136 beds, 10 operating rooms, 46 consulting offices, adult and paediatric intensive care units, 24-hour emergency services, laboratories and a day hospital for attending to its patients. It has the most advanced technological equipment for diagnostics, treatment and telemedicine, and has been designed to provide the highest degree of comfort to the patient and their family members, and to ease the flow of patients around the various healthcare circuits.

The building of Quirónsalud Malaga Hospital consists of two blocks joined by a raised walkway. This unusual construction formed by the two buildings incorporates the practical aspects which must define any hospital infrastructure, with an emphasis on the comfort of the patients and visitors. From the aesthetic point of view, Quirónsalud represents a welcome departure from the lack of warmth that can sometimes be found in forms and materials.

The hospital has made a decisive commitment to the acquisition of state-of-the-art technological equipment. Here you will find the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques, including a 1.5 tesla magnetic resonance imager, a 64-slice spiral CAT scanner, an Excimer laser and a haemodynamics room, not to mention highly advanced administrative techniques, such as computerised clinical records.

Quirónsalud Malaga has a team of prestigious professionals who work together in a synchronised and interactive manner to be able to lay out all the possible therapeutic options before the patient, and to advance in the field of research. These specialists, backed up by teams of carefully selected auxiliary and nursing staff, are in the best position to offer all the opportunities currently available in the medical world.

Research is another of the basic values of Quirónsalud Malaga. Specialists take full advantage of the interdisciplinary working model to innovate in a precise and organised manner and to provide the patient the best and safest healthcare. Some of the projects being carried out by our professionals include studies for diagnosing sleep apnoea by voice, recent research on headaches, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and studies for the prevention of diseases associated with meningitis or pneumonia in children between 5 and 6 years of age.

Patient Care
Patient care is another of the pillars on which the success of the Quirónsalud hospital stands. Our aim is to make a hospital stay as similar as possible to being at home, and for this reason, Quirónsalud Malaga offers a range of services which are unique in the hospital setting, ranging from rooms of different sizes, welcoming waiting rooms and food prepared by our own chefs to the possibility of receiving distinctive personal attention aimed at maximising patient satisfaction.