What we commonly understand by "Sanitary Mediation" happens between the doctor / health institution and the patient to avoid or complement the resolution of a legal possible conflict. However, I want to talk about another way in which we are applying the Mediation from the health field in Marbella´s Quirónsalud Hospital: mediation to harmonize the collaboration between the patient and his support group (family and friends). We will call it "Mediation for Health" because it´s based on a comprehensive vision of what happens to the patient and a systemic approach to their clinical process.

No one knows the day that he will get sick, perhaps have an accident, perhaps be diagnosed with a chronic illness or, perhaps, see that some of these things happen to someone very dear. However, a good day happens and you have to react quickly and face the situation with images of the least tragic possible outcomes.

We all know that maintaining an optimistic attitude and staying in an emotional balance are important factors to overcome any disease, but of course, putting this into practice, in the crisis situation, that already requires extra effort. Compounding the problem is the socio-affective and relational part: a patient, especially needs the support of his family and friends, to such an extent that, sometimes, he is not able to understand how shocking and complicated it may be for these to be the problem. They are situations in which tensions and blockages very easily arise that should be mediated as soon as possible. Mediation, then, serves here to prevent and resolve conflicts between the patient and his support group and also to reinforce and consolidate the trust of all in the clinical process, be it a treatment, rehabilitation or other kind of process. The purpose of mediation is to harmonize the relationships that are established around the patient in a way that contributes to their recovery.

At the mediation session - with one or two sessions usually enough - establish who the real support group of the patient is, decide on how you are going to organize and what each one will contribute, talk about the strategies you are going to, to employ to maintain a healthy attitude, and the concrete actions that you are going to undertake to adapt to the new situation. Of course, if there are already conflicts between you, take advantage of the sessions to treat them. In addition, the process helps you visualize the desired situation, create new links between you to reach it, review the strategies you have to prevent and solve problems or decide if you should have the help of a psychologist.

You can request more information about this service at the Marbella´s Quirónsalud Hospital or by calling 692250336.