Specialised medical and nursing assistance at home

Meet the doctors who coordinate the Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Nutrition
Services of Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella together with our specialised nursing team.

Doctors who are members of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine and the Spanish
Society of Palliative Care. Experts in the holistic care of frail patients and in medical and
nutritional support in complex clinical situations.

You can now also be treated by your trusted hospital medical team in your own home.
Treatment also provided in hotels and retirement homes.

We offer customised treatment in your own home in situations in which this can be extremely helpful:

  • Frail dependent people in a generally weakened state such as the elderly.
  • Patients suffering from cancer who require palliative care to control pain and the symptoms that cause them discomfort.
  • People with advanced neurological diseases with very limited mobility in need of meticulous treatment and special care.
  • Care for patients recovering from serious illnesses that required hospitalisation or debilitating surgical procedures (traumatology, cancer surgery, etc.).
  • Treatment and control of pressure sores and wounds that are either infected or in the healing phase.
  • Control and replacement of equipment such as catheters, probes and bandages.
  • The taking of blood and collection of urine samples and other diagnostic tests that can be carried out without admitting the patient to hospital.

Direct contact number: +34 637 48 99 44

Email: quironsaludencasa.hmb@quironsalud.es