Natalia_cardenas_medicina_estetica_quironsalud_marbellaNatalia_cardenas_medicina_estetica_quironsalud_marbellaThroughout history, eyes and lips have been considered as the most influential facial areas in the concept of female ideal beauty. Lips can portray emotions and are often associated to sensuality and vitality. Doctor Natalia Cárdenas, the Head of the Cosmetic Medicine Unit of the Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital explains that "lips are so important in the overall facial balance that a bad lip augmentation job can negatively affect the overall final appearance of the face. A young and sensual lip contour together with suitable size and overall balance are part of the universally-accepted ideal of facial beauty".

The expert assures that lip remodelling is the most demanded treatment in her surgery "due to the popularity of social media and the spread of a mass culture of beauty stereotypes, which create certain lip patterns that are demanded by most people".

Doctor Cárdenas highlights that great progress has been made in the various areas of these fields. In her opinion, "the development of advanced techniques, the use of premium quality products and, above all, the change in the concept of ideal beauty have led to lip touch-up to be understood as a "beauty improvement" treatment of the lips, thus replacing the old idea of lip augmentation as having an artificial result".

In fact, our specialist at this Marbella hospital highlights that it is possible to obtain young and beautiful lips in the desired size through the adequate use of hyaluronic acid filling. In this sense, she highlights that the habitual practice in surgeries is "to define lip contour in order to obtain improved definition, resolve asymmetry issues and obtain better projection and even the desired moisture level without having to change the appearance of the lips".

The doctor also solves one of the most popular concerns being posed by patients of the Cosmetic Medicine Unit about who is the ideal candidate to undergo lip embellishment. In this sense, she clarifies that "anyone can be a candidate, even people with beautiful and adequate-size lips, as they may just require moisturising or contouring in order to maintain definition or even improve the appearance of their smile". When making a decision, the expert insists that the most important issue is to identify the needs of the patient and provide an adequate medical diagnosis that prioritises the actual needs and the attainment of a natural and becoming result.

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