The latest changes announced by the Digestive Tract Unit of the Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital situate this Unit at the forefront in the Province with the consolidation of a multidisciplinary and specialised model of healthcare, including members with solid professional careers and training intervening in complex pathologies within the spectrum of this speciality. "We have created a solid Unit with a unique concept in the Province. Currently, we have over 10 healthcare professionals supported by a team of nutritionists. One of our strengths is the combination of specialist profiles with solid expertise in different areas, which allows us to offer a global response to our patients, regardless of the type of pathology being diagnosed", underlined the Head of the High Complexity Digestive Endoscopy Unit of the Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital, Andrés Sánchez Yague.

Doctors Nuria Ortiz, Paqui Martín and Nacho Cueto are the latest professional additions to join this healthcare project and Doctor Sánchez Yague, who believes the experience of all the team members is an essential advantage for patients. "Our healthcare professionals have worked in their specialities for over 10 years. Experience is essential in our field and the solid background of our team is a major benefit for our patients, as their expertise prevents patients from taking unnecessary tests ", highlighted Doctor Sánchez Yague.

The new members have joined a team integrated by renowned professionals such as Doctor Mónica Perona, who is an expert in functional testing, or Doctor Rivera, an expert in diseases of the pancreas. For this new phase, Doctor Sánchez Yague takes over the supervision of the High Complexity Digestive Endoscopy Unit. Dr Sanchez Yague, who worked in the United States for several years, has been the first in Andalusia to incorporate the main advance endoscopic techniques, including techniques for the excision of superficial tumours such as endoscopic dissection of the submucosa, which he began to perform in 2011, or therapeutic endoscopic ultrasonography techniques.

Ongoing direct communication with the patient

Ongoing and direct communication with the patient is one of the principles integrating the healthcare protocol of the Digestive Tract Unit, where a specific individualised circuit has been established for the performance of highly sensitive tests for the patient such as endoscopies. "We promote a relationship between doctor and patient that goes beyond the imaginary line of the consultation desk and facilitates closeness and trust. The role of the healthcare professional is to offer personal support. They do not simply prescribe an endoscopic test, but doctors themselves perform this diagnostic test and subsequently bring the results personally to the patient. Unlike in other medical centres, every step of this circuit is designed to make patients feel accompanied by their specialists during each stage of the process.", highlighted the specialist from Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital.

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