fisioterapia_quironsalud_marbellafisioterapia_quironsalud_marbellaIn 1958 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined physiotherapy as: "a science of treatment by means of physical means, therapeutic exercise, massage therapy and electrotherapy. Additionally, physiotherapy includes the application of electrical and manual testing techniques to help determine the severity of the condition and strength of the muscles, the functional capacities, the extent of joint movement and measurement of vital capacity as well as diagnostic help to monitor evolution".

The benefits of physiotherapy have been recognised since Ancient Greece (460 B.C.), where the first practitioners of these treatments are documented. Time has contributed to improve the relevant knowledge and techniques. As the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Head of Department of Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital, Marcos González Sedano, explains "the discipline of physiotherapy is an essential pillar for the recovery of an injury. When adequate directions are provided and a specific and personalised programme is followed, biological repair processes can be promoted and accelerated, weaknesses compensated or physical abilities reinforced".

The Coronavirus pandemic has situated this Department at the head of treatments, as its role has been essential in the recovery of patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit or suffering from physical sequelae after the Covid-19 disease. This special circumstance has pointed at the relevance of one of the most important premises in the recovery process of patients: each of them has been evaluated and treated individually. As the specialist at Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital explains: "each person has its particular features; what is unimportant to some, can be essential to others. Through our standard operating procedure, we grant the same importance to all our patients".

Lastly, the contribution of physiotherapy to the training plan of professional and amateur sportspeople is paramount. The benefits obtained through rehabilitation therapies are so relevant and influential to attain a good level of physical fitness, that the application of this discipline goes beyond the context of the injury and has been incorporated as a preventative measure. As González Sedano highlights: "Physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts can detect the weaknesses of the body or the times at which muscles are over exercised. Our diagnoses and treatments are effective at medium and long terms, which turns us into a basic element in the requirements of sportspeople".

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