The Hospital Pharmacy Service is a General Clinical Service consisting of a group of professionals who ensure the correct use of medicines through drug monitoring and management of the same, and also the correct use of medical devices.

To do this, the services offered by the pharmacy service are:

  • Clinical-care Area: Drug selection and preparation of a pharmacological guide and therapeutic equivalents, protocol development, drug information, therapeutic exchange, medication error control and validation of requirements, and the identification and monitoring of drug-related problems.

  • In the Technical Area: Development of formulations, development of intravenous nutrition (assessment and patient information, design and monitoring) and sterile medicines, dispensing and control of first aid kits, dispensing outpatient drugs, returns and batch control and limitation as well as purchase, receipt and storage management.

  • Advisory and Educational Area: Part of the pharmacy and therapeutics and infections committee Involved in drug selection, updates, and new medicines, medication error duties, drug information center and query resolution of health professionals (dosage, administration, interactions, therapeutic equivalents, etc.)..