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As you know, some travel destinations require a negative COVID-19 test on arrival. Quirónprevención and Iberia, Iberia Express, British Airways and American Airlines join up to offer you this service at an exclusive price so that you can be tested easily and quickly in one of our centres.

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Antigen test
45 € 40 €

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What sort of tests exist and what do they consist in?

Standard PCR

It is the technique of reference for virus SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis in initial stages of the disease because it is a very sensitive system that can detect very low quantities of virus. On the other hand, it does not differentiate by itself the stage of the disease the patient is going through: initial, acute phase or phase of recuperation. If a negative result is obtained in a patient with high clinical suspicion of infection by SARS-CoV-2, a new confirmation test will be needed.

The sample is nasopharyngeal and prior fasting is not necessary.

Rapid antigen test

These test detect a virus protein to determine whether a person is infected at that moment in time providing essential information at a point in the infective cycle in which individuals are most at risk of propagating the disease. Therefore they are a useful tool to contain virus propagation. Once the test is carried out, results can be given in the same health centre where the patient has been tested and in a short period of time.

These tests are highly reliable and are approved by Health Areas of many countries. Get more information on the Iberia, Iberia Express, British Airways and American Airlines websites on whether your country of destination admits this sort of test.

The sample is nasopharyngeal and prior fasting is not necessary.

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Our centres

We have a great number of centres in every province



Our professionals will attend you and be at your side during all the process



With the guarantee and the values of a group that is concerned about people’s health

Do you have any doubts?

Every province capital has a Quirónprevención centre where you will be able to get tested.

Quirónprevención can carry out tests in all province capitals form Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons. Madrid and Barcelona are also open Saturday mornings.

  • Standard PCR test with results in 24-48 hours, 90€
  • Rapid Antigen tests with results in under an hour, 40€

If due to the date, the destination’s timeframe or the place where you wish to do the test it is not possible for you to have a PCR test, you will be notified before you contract the service.

If you test positive you will not be able to travel. In this case, please contact our Phone Helpline ((+34) 901 111 500) where you will be informed of alternative options after official confirmation and what protocol to follow in each case. We also offer a COVID19 cancellation insurance that you may purchase with your ticket.

Many of our destinations require a PCR certification to be able to travel. This test might be able to avoid you having to go through with restrictive measures on arrival allowing you to enjoy your trip.

Quirónprevención is open for client attention around the clock.

Yes, this service may be purchased through Quirónprevención’s client attention service. However, Iberia, Iberia Express, British Airways and American Airlines passengers with a booked flight will have priority with the appointments. Contact us to know more about service availability.

Appointments may be changed in a timeframe not inferior to two hours before appointment time. You must phone 951 90 25 88. Refunds or modifications to the purchased product are not admitted.