We are a team of dynamic professionals who are dedicated exclusively to the study and treatment of infertility. We have been pioneers in the application of many techniques such as sperm microinjection or embryonic biopsies. And through in-service training received at prestigious national and international facilities, we apply our knowledge on a daily basis to achieve the main goal of all: to help couples who rely on us to fulfil their dream of having a baby.


We have a very broad vision of all the state-of-the-art treatments and undertake the study of the couple together to make a right diagnosis that would allow us to apply the best, simplest and most suitable treatment in each case.


Our challenge is to pursue excellence on a daily basis and we are aware that the only way to do so is to combine our good pregnancy rates with a high degree of personal satisfaction of each couple.


There are two main areas of reproduction where oocyte freezing may be appropriate, and one of them is socially controversial.

Fertility preservation in cancer patients.

Elective fertility preservation.


The number of people who are undergoing fertility treatment is greater day-by-day. This is due to medical and sociological factors (insertion of women into the workplace, delay in the childbearing age of women, lower sperm quality of the man, etc.).

Infertility problems are often accompanied by psychological distress. This discomfort may alter the emotional balance of couples and interfere negatively on the assisted reproduction treatment. It is demonstrated that the main cause of abandonment of treatments is owing to psychological reasons; therefore, providing support in this area is essential to obtain success.

Infertility is "per se" a stressful process, and Assisted Reproduction Treatments (ART) can cause discomfort in the patient's life such as diagnostic processes, coming and going to the facility, success rates, the feeling of lack of control, waiting for results, accepting that pregnancy is a reality and disassociate ourselves from treatment or accept its end and to explore other alternatives.

Our goal is to promote the success of ART by providing the necessary resources so that the path we are treading together is comfortable.

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