In April 2010, this pioneering centre opened in Navarre, with the vast experience of Quirónsalud in assisted reproduction, bringing the latest techniques to the population of Navarre, to both couples as well as single women who do not want to give up motherhood.

Since 1997, care has been given at the Assisted Reproduction Unit at Quirónsalud Donostia Day Hospital; it is worth mentioning the collaboration agreements signed with the Navarrese Health Service (Osasunbidea), an agreement with which, over more than 10 years, helped to treat hundreds of Navarrese couples with fertility problems.

It specialises in gynaecology and assisted reproduction and has the safety and comfort of being located at a hospital centre, the well-known San Miguel Clinic in Pamplona.

It tends to people covered by all insurance companies, as well as private patients, and has an experienced medical team and complete andrology and IVF laboratories.

It provides all infertility diagnosis techniques and all assisted reproduction treatments, a sperm and egg bank, preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), and male and female fertility preservation (for cancer patients and voluntary delayed motherhood).

It has a psychological support unit, specialising in caring for the emotional implications of fertility problems, aimed at helping to answer queries and improve the resources which allow patients to face each step of the process and reduce stress.

Therefore, at Quirónsalud Pamplona, we provide close, personalised treatment to our patients, without the waiting times.

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