90% of our patients get pregnant. These results place our Reproduction Institute amongst the clinics with the highest success rate in Spain, above the average published by the Spanish Fertility Society.

Our Institute is integrated in a prestigious hospital complex with highly specialised facilities, which allows us to have access to the best embryology lab with the most precise, controlled and advanced technology and facilities. Our excellent lab and the vast experience of our embryologists enable us to perform all the fertility techniques available on the market with a high rate of success. All treatments are carried out at well prepared facilities with perfectly qualified healthcare staff.

The medical team is made up of professionals who are experts in assisted reproduction, with vast experience and knowledge, in-service training at international facilities and entirely dedicated to fertility. The patients are always treated by a specialist gynaecologist, who will deal with your case in a personalised manner.

Also, we offer fertility preservation techniques such as vitrification of oocytes with high assurance of success to women who wish to postpone their motherhood.


Endometriosis is the appearance of endometrial tissue, which is the inner layer of the uterus, in other places. Endometriosis causes inflammation in the affected tissues (Fallopian tube, ovary, uterus muscle, etc.); hence it can affect fertility in a significant manner.

Endometriosis requires a highly specific clinical management. It should not be performed by any specialist. It must be treated by a gynaecologist who is an expert in fertility, with specific training and highly experienced in the surgical treatment of endometriosis, as well as in the postoperative management and fertility treatment.


The age of women undergoing fertility treatments is ever increasing. This fact combined with the presence of some pathology that affect a woman's fertility, make the ovarian reserve to be greatly diminished. In these cases, the number of good quality ova, i.e., those that can generate a viable embryo is very low.

Our Unit is highly experienced in performing in vitro fertilisation cycles in this kind of cases. Our specialist gynaecologists study each case carefully, and then perform ovarian stimulation with the medication and specific checks to optimise the ovarian response and obtain the best possible quality ova. The treatment of the ova at our top quality embryology laboratory obtains high rates of fertilisation and a proportion of high-quality embryos higher than the published average.


Repeated miscarriage cases require a thorough and comprehensive study of the couple by a specialised unit.

It is advisable that a gynaecologist expert in infertility caused due to repeated miscarriages heads the study. Couples who have suffered prior miscarriages need a specialist accustomed to these kinds of issues, who may directly and specifically order all the necessary diagnostic tests to arrive at a diagnosis, as accurately and as quickly as possible. On the other hand, handling these kinds of cases requires coordination of several specialists, such as endocrinologists, haematologists, geneticists, immunologists, radiologists, etc., and a gynaecologist expert in fertility should lead all the diagnostic process and the therapeutic project as efficiently as possible.


Our Unit offers all the genetic studies available on the market. In some cases, women and their partners require genetic studies and counselling. Based on the merits of each case, our fertility specialist will recommend specific genetic tests to parents, fluorescent in-situ hybridisation test in sperm, genetic compatibility test or genetic studies in the embryo, etc.


It is quite common for couples facing a fertility problem have a hormonal or endocrinological problem associated to it. Our specialists will handle each case in a specialised manner, and provide specific treatment as appropriate, aimed at improving the clinical condition of the patient and her partner, and therefore to get pregnant.


Our gynaecologists, working in a friendly and coordinated manner with the urologists specialising in Andrology, are trained to deal with all issues affecting a male. There are frequent cases wherein very specific studies and treatments of the male are needed, in an integrated manner and along with that of the women. These kinds of cases require a highly specialised unit led by professionals with a high degree of knowledge and experience.

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