The Department of Anesthesiology at Hospital Quirónsalud Costa Adeje is made up of expert professionals in this field of medicine, which is so essential in comprehensive centers like ours. In addition to Anesthesia for surgical interventions, this specialty includes other areas of action: resuscitation and pain, both acute and chronic. The anesthesiologist is a specialist in perioperative medicine who is responsible for the before, during and after the surgical intervention.

  • Acute Pain: to calm the postoperative pain by means of treatments with medication or with invasive techniques (nerve blocks and the implantation of epidural or plexus catheters).

  • Chronic pain: for those patients who have been seen by other specialists and have chronic pain. In this case, the anesthesiologist studies the origin of pain in order to apply the best treatment through various techniques: oral medication, infiltrations (puncture of substances in various body areas), radiofrequency (devices that emit waves that can relieve pain), implantation of reservoirs, application of neurolytic substances that destroy nerves, etc. The professionals of Quirónsalud Costa Adeje have the latest pharmacological technology and the most up-to-date training in their area of ​​knowledge that helps them to anticipate and / or correct possible imbalances and to provide a better and healthier recovery to the patients who undergo surgery.

In the pre-intervention phase, it includes the study and preparation of the patient to be operated on (preoperative study). During the surgery (intraoperative) the suppression of the pain and the maintenance of the vital signs are carried out. The control of pain after surgery (postoperative) is of vital importance for the patient's well-being. The anesthesiologist knows perfectly the medications and techniques that best suit each patient and each type of intervention to achieve a comfortable postoperative period. Due to their training and training, anesthesiologists are qualified for the medical treatment of pain caused by acute or chronic diseases (Pain Units).