Dermatology and Venereology is the surgical medical specialty that is responsible for the study and treatment of skin diseases at the Hospital Quirónsalud Costa Adeje. It consists of the knowledge of the human skin and its diseases, as well as of the methods for the prevention, preservation or recovery of cutaneous normality.

Our specialists also have knowledge in surgery, rheumatology (many rheumatological diseases have cutaneous symptoms), immunology, neurology ('neurocutaneous syndromes', such as neurofibromatosis and tuberous sclerosis) or infectious diseases and endocrinology, among others. In addition, they carry out an intensive recycling activity on an ongoing basis and participate and lead research projects, always with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of assistance to our patient.

  • Clinical Dermatology: Prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer. Given the alarming increase in melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer in recent years and its presentation at younger and younger ages, it is advisable to go to the dermatologist at least once a year for a full examination of the skin and moles. The specialists in Dermatology of Hospital Quirónsalud Costa Adeje have new techniques very useful to diagnose accurately and reliably, verify the cure and perform a monitored follow-up of recurrences and the appearance of premalignant lesions or tumor lesions in initial stages.
  • Manual dermatoscopy: allows to analyze pigmented lesions, identify suspicious lesions, evaluate their evolution over time by comparing the images and diagnose early melanoma and other premalignant or tumoral lesions. This is a very useful technique also for the follow-up of patients at risk and the early identification of second neoplasms.
  • Pediatric Dermatology: Specific monographic consultation for the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and prevention of diseases of the skin of children.
  • Inflammatory diseases (atopic dermatitis).
  • Evaluation and treatment of acne.
  • Infectious diseases (fungal infections, warts).
  • Congenital conditions: congenital pigmented lesions, vascular malformations, hemangiomas.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of moles.
  • Evaluation of skin type and phototype of the child, advice to parents about their care and adequate photoprotection measures.
  • Hyperhidrosis: Treatment of hyperpersudation by infiltration with botulinum toxin.
  • Cosmetic Dermatology: evaluation of cosmetic problems derived from specific dermatological conditions (couperose, rosacea, acne, melasma, chloasma) and aging of the skin. Both in the case of embellishment and in the case of rejuvenation treatments are indicated on the basis that they should contribute to improving health. Dermatologists at the Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja will propose a personalized care plan that, on occasion, may recommend some dermatological rejuvenation technique.