It is a nominative, personal and non-transferable card that allows patients to access our new home healthcare service available 24h a day, 365 days a year.

The Price of the card is 150 euros a year, per person.

¿What services does the card guarantee?

The owners of the card have the right to the following services and benefits during its validity.

  • General medical Home healthcare service: Includes 5 visits a year. After 5 visits a special price of 60€ per session for being a cardholder.
  • Nurse Home healthcare: Includes 12 visits a year. After 12 visits a special price of 25€ per session for being a cardholder.
  • Ambulance Service: Includes 12 transfers a year (from the hospital to your residence, within a 50km radius). After 12 transfers a special price of 30€ per transfer for being a cardholder.
  • Basic Blood Test: 1 annual blood test. Haematology: (Hemogramm, Prothrombin), Biochemistry: (Glucose, Urea, Creatinine, Ion Sodium, Ion Potassium, Ferritin, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Cholesterol HDL, Cholesterol LDL).
  • Dental Care: 1 annual check-up. 1 annual dental hygiene. 10% Discount on dental services.
  • International admissions team: We have agreements with all the national and international insurance and travel companies. We have preferential agreements with some of the main companies in the following countries: Germany, Holland, and Scandinavian Countries.
  • Special discounts on health services: 10% discount for any health service: consultations, diagnosis, hospitalisation, surgical interventions etc.
  • Priority Access to the prevention campaigns held by Quirónsalud Torrevieja (free): Users will get personalized information about the free health campaigns that the hospital holds during the year. (Prostate cancer, breast cancer, obesity, diabetes etc.).
  • Special discounts at partner businesses: Discounts in chemists, specialized shops, opticians etc.
  • Priority service for specialist appointments: Priority appointments for any medical speciality.
  • Access and management of medical history through the patient Portal: Digital Access to all clinical information on our portal
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  • Preferential admission Access: Preferential admission at the hospital reception.