Restoration service:

Our hospital guarantees a balanced diet that meets your specific nutritional needs. The diet indicated by your doctor is convenient for your recovery. Every morning, to adjust as much as possible to your tastes and depending on the medical prescription, you will be given a menu prepared by our own kitchen, to choose between the different dishes you want to take that day.

Wifi zone:

The hospital has installed in some areas the free service to connect to the Internet. In addition, there are two online communication points next to the reception located at the main entrance.


If you want to make calls from your room abroad you must first go to the telephone cashier located on the first floor to pay the desired balance and obtain a pin code. In this way, you will have a line and then you can dial the desired number. We also have telephones located in the hall at your disposal.


Any patient who wishes may request religious attention from a Catholic confession. You simply must communicate it to the nursing staff. You can also request any type of non-Catholic spiritual support.

Taxi stand:

There is a taxi rank at the main entrance of our center. You can also request the service at 96 571 22 77/96 571 10 26.


It is located in the main hall of the center near the main reception. It is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is a restaurant service, with a wide variety of combination dishes and a daily menu.
Press and magazines: within the same cafeteria there is an automatic kiosk with daily newspapers and magazines.
TV service: the hospital has TV service through the automatic machines located in the corridors of each floor.


ATM service belonging to a bank is available to patients and visitors in the main hall.


The hospital has a free parking area.

Public transport:

You can travel by bus to the center through line C1 (Torrevieja-Las Lomas).

Automatic florist service and gift sales:

Through the automatic service of floristry and gifts, you can obtain any object displayed on the machine that is necessary.

Free interpretation service:

If Spanish is not your first language, you can request an interpreter at any time of the day (from 8 am to 10 pm). This service is free. We believe that clear and transparent communication is essential in order to provide excellent medical and healthcare care.