he Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja offers you the opportunity to "take care of your feet". For this, it has the Podiatry Service, for a correct diagnosis and treatment of the foot affections and deformities.

The Podiatry Service of the Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja offers you:

  • Chiropodology: treatment of the most common condition of the foot, such as calluses, hardness and thickened nails.
  • Treatment of the plantar papilloma: clinical diagnosis and elimination of the plantar wart (papilloma).
  • Study and diagnosis of gait alterations: analysis of the changes produced when walking to treat and prevent deformities (bunions) or skin lesions (calluses).
  • Adaptations of suitable orthopodological treatments: pioneering service of realization, on the own foot and in the same consultation, of special treatments by means of the use of templates (flat foot, foot cavo).
  • Evaluations and comprehensive treatment of diabetic foot:
    • Study of the risk of diabetic foot to prevent ulcers and amputations.
    • Advice on the care of diabetic feet.
    • Sensitivity tests to determine the risk.
  • Adaptation of silicone orthosis: small devices that are made on the foot with the intention of correcting or protecting deformities of the fingers (for example, to avoid chafing with a claw finger).
  • Nail surgery: surgical and definitive treatment of repetitive injuries due to ingrown nails.

How to detect a problem in the feet.
The pain when walking or standing, is crucial to start knowing that we can have a problem in the feet. Another sign is when "all the shoes bother us". Sometimes we do not find shoes "to our measure", a symptom of foot problems.

Tips to have healthy feet:

  • go well shoes.
  • hydration with special products.
  • proper cuts of the nails.
  • go to the podiatrist.