Solicita información acerca de la Cirugía Cardíaca


The Cardiac Surgery Service of the Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja offers healthcare to any type of cardiac surgery except cardiac transplantation.

The Cardiac Surgery team of Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja has a success rate of over 97%. The mortality data are less than 3% for the overall of the nearly 2500 surgeries performed to date (for an expected mortality according to Euroscore I of 9.7% and according to Euroscore II of 5.6%).

Within our portfolio of services, we must highlight coronary surgery without extracorporeal circulation / coronary surgery without a pump with arterial grafts (double mammary), since it has contributed to placing coronary surgery within our service in 37% of the total activity, when the average in Spain is around 30%. We also make a special reference to aortic valve surgery in high-risk patients.

We also emphasize the coronary heart beating surgery (this means that the heart is not stopped and, therefore, we do not use the heart lung machine). This intervention is performed by very few medical teams in Spain and allows an early recovery of the patient with a lower rate of complications (cerebral, renal, transfusion, etc.).

Similarly, our Cardiac Surgery service is in constant development with valvular repair techniques, both the mitral valve with the use of neo-bands (repairing the patient's valve and avoiding the placement of a prosthesis and the need for oral anticoagulation with sintrom) , such as those of the aortic valve (Yacoub technique and external annuloplasty).

All this is thanks to advances in surgery, the construction of advanced valve prostheses, extracorporeal circulation techniques, advances in myocardial protection against ischemia, new exploration and diagnostic techniques, advances in the postoperative care of patients. Cardiac surgery is of great importance, since it should not be forgotten that heart diseases are the main cause of death in cases.

Portfolio of Services

-Coronary surgery

• Coronal coronary bypass without pump

• Coronary bypass with double mammary

• Coronary by-pass with pump

• Coronary by-pass in cardiogenic shock (in attendance without aortic clamp)

• Coronary by-pass without pump by inferior miniesternotomy

-Surgery of the aorta

• Replacing the root with valve preservation

• Substitution of the root with valved tube (mechanical and biological)

• Replacement of the ascending aorta

• Surgery of the aortic arch and thoracic descending and thoracoabdominal aorta

• Endovascular surgery and hybrid procedures

-Aortic valve surgery

• Valvular replacement with biological prosthesis

• Valvular replacement with mechanical prosthesis

• Aortic valve repair

• Aortic valve replacement by miniesternotomy

-Mitral valve surgery

• Valvular replacement with biological prosthesis

• Valvular replacement with mechanical prosthesis

• Mitral valve repair

-Tricuspid valve surgery

• Tricuspid annuloplasty

• Tricuspid valve replacement

-Endocarditis surgery

-Congenital adult surgery

• Closing of interatrial communication with or without anomalous venous drainage

• Aortic coarctation

-Surgery of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

• Isolated or concomitant mycectomy in aortic valve replacement

-Pericardium surgery

• Pericardiocentesis

• Pericardial window

• Pericardiectomy

-Pacemaker and epicardial resynchronization

-Cardiac tumors