What is acquired brain damage?

It occurs after the patient has suffered a stroke, an accident, an infection or a cardiorespiratory arrest that has caused a lack of oxygen to the brain. Acquired brain damage causes difficulties in moving, communicating, and performing common tasks such as dressing. It also generates memory loss and alterations in the family and social environment.


It suffers as a result of an impact or blow to the spine, which can damage the marrow and cause sequelae that make it impossible or alter the movement and sensitivity of part of the body, depending on the height of the injury.

What is dementia?

Dementias are neurodegenerative pathologies that will cause neurological changes and therefore, consequences such as memory alteration, disorientation, inability to perform basic tasks such as dressing, grooming, changes in personality and behavior, etc.

What can we do?

The Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja has created a SERVICE of NEURORREHABILITACIÓN of high level assistance, specialized in diagnosing and rehabilitating people who present alterations of neurological origin, such as acquired brain damage, spinal cord injury and dementia.

The neurological lesion presents a high variability in its consequences and requires the attention of a specialized multidisciplinary team. The treatment includes not only patient care, but also their families, with the use of pioneering techniques such as augmented and virtual reality.

When should we go?

Treatment in neurorehabilitation should begin as soon as possible, thus increasing the chances of recovery from the aftermath. In this line of immediate attention, the Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja has one of the two services of neurorehabilitation with ICU that exist in Spain, making it possible to receive treatment as admitted to the hospital or an ambulatory care.

The neurorehabilitation service is prepared to assist the patient in all its stages, from the most critical stage in the INTENSIVE CARE unit to its complete insertion in daily life, with the aim of offering complete assistance.