Currently there are several surgical techniques such as gastric bypass, tubular gastrectomy and gastric band, all performed laparoscopically in our center. The performance of these minimally invasive techniques avoids some complications associated with a large incision and those derived from prolonged immobility.

Surgical techniques:

Restrictive procedures:

  • Vertical Gastrectomy: A procedure that consists of reducing gastric capacity by 80% of its total volume, so that the gastric remnant is placed at 150-200 cc.
  • Plicated Tubular Gastroplasty: A procedure that consists of reducing gastric capacity by folding the stomach inward (intussusception) without having to perform a stomach resection. Reversible technique
  • Gastric Bypass / Surgical surgery via laparoscopy: Procedure that consists in performing a reduction of the stomach to create a reservoir of approximately 50 cc and on the other hand perform a bypass in the small intestine creating a malabsorptive mechanism.
  • Intragastric Balloon / Endoscopic Treatments: A procedure that involves inserting a balloon inside the stomach using an endoscopic technique without the need for surgery and on an outpatient basis. The mechanism of weight loss is due to feeling of satiety, dietary support and change of life habits. 6 months.

Malabsorptive Procedure:

  • Duodenal Crossing: Procedure that consists of performing a vertical gastrectomy and then crossing the small intestine at the duodenal level so that approximately 50% of the nutrients are absorbed.