Currently, when it comes to eliminating the fat that causes displeasure, surgeons have state-of-the-art equipment:

  • High precision scanners that perform a detailed study of the body area to be treated. These devices allow to visualize the interior of the area that needs treatment and to know the state of the tissues that support the skin. Among other parameters, you can determine exactly how much fat there is in a particular part of the body.
  • Throughout the process, the team of Modeling Surgery will have at their disposal different equipment to guarantee the best possible result: analyzers that determine the percentage of hydration and elasticity of the skin; computer simulation systems that provide data of interest to the surgeon when planning the intervention; devices that introduce in the areas to be treated serums that prepare the fatty tissue for its extraction; machines programmed to handle specialized instruments during the surgical procedure; equipment that allows you to eliminate unsightly unsightly grease through small incisions that do not require stitches; motorized rollers capable of homogenising the surface of the skin, etc.

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The process of removing unsightly grease consists of three phases. During the procedure, state-of-the-art equipment is used. Depending on the case, some of the devices used are handled manually or automatically (through devices programmed to control specialized instruments).

  • Firstly, with the help of a high precision body scanner that allows you to visualize the interior of the areas to be treated and to know its status, the amount of fat that must be eliminated from each area is determined to obtain a good result.
  • Next, an electronic equipment of last generation, located outside the organism, emits the suitable energy on the deposits of fat that there is to eliminate. The energy passes through the skin, reaches the fatty tissue and dissolves part of the selected accumulations of fat. A percentage of the dissolved fat is gradually expelled by the physiological pathways and the rest, introducing into the treated area (through a millimeter incision that does not require stitches) an advanced device that eliminates unsightly fat deposits that could have been resisted to the previous process and the excess of fat that the organism can not expel.
  • Finally, on the areas where fat was extracted, a specific massage is performed with a motorized roller that acts to homogenize the surface of the skin.

To consider.

Before undergoing the intervention, it is necessary to perform a diagnostic visit in order to rule out any type of contraindication, know the details of the procedure, its alternatives, possible discomfort and complications and know what can be achieved.
For safety and to obtain good results, it is an indispensable condition that the technique be applied by a specialist surgeon and in a hospital environment.