ctoracicaHigh resolution image. This link will open using lightbox, there may be a context switchctoracicaThe Thoracic Surgery Service of the Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja is responsible for the study and treatment of diseases affecting the thorax and adjoining body areas (chest wall, pleura, lung, tracheo-bronchial tree, diaphragm, esophagus and mediastinum). The pathologies and techniques performed by the Thoracic Surgery Service are:

Bronchopulmonary tumors: lung cancer, benign tumors and pulmonary metastases.
Videothoracoscopic surgery: palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis, facial flushing, pneumothorax, hemothorax, pleural effusions, pulmonary nodule resection, etc.

Mediastinal pathology: tumors and cysts of the anterior and posterior mediastinum.
Mediastinoscopy for biopsy of tumors and mediastinal adenopathies
Pleural pathology: pneumothorax, pleural effusions, primary (mesothelioma) and metastatic tumors.

Diaphragmatic pathology: traumatic and non-traumatic injuries.
Bullous pulmonary emphysema and pulmonary volume reduction surgery.

Thoracic wall surgery: congenital deformities (Pectus Excavatum and Carinatum) and tumors of the chest wall.

Tracheal pathology: stenosis and benign and malignant tumors.