What documentation do I need to request the services the card offers?
To get the services and benefits that the Health Premium Services card includes, the user must present the original card and their identity card (NIE, Passport, etc.) when requesting the service.

Will I be attended on the same day?
Of course, the service will be given on the same day it is requested. The time will depend on previous programming and will be decided according to the amount of patients and the urgency of the request.

Where do I have to call to request the home healthcare services?

Our team will inform you how to request the home healthcare services (medical attendance or ambulance).

How do I order the card?
It is very simple: on the website https://www.quironsalud.es/torrevieja/es/health-premium-services/order-now , or at the main reception at Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja. If you need more information you can call to 965 129 246

To order the card you need the following documentation:

  • A photocopy of your DNI, NIE or Passport.
  • Fill in the inscription form and SEPA form.