• When the doctor considers that he is ready to go home, he will indicate that he has been discharged and will be able to leave the hospital.
  • We recommend that, at that moment, you contact the cashier (22510) or the admission department (22516) in order to expedite the exit procedures.
  • If you want to take some test done during your treatment in the hospital, ask for it. You will be given the corresponding application report, the delivery rules and, if possible, it will be provided before leaving the center.
  • Before leaving the hospital you must go through the nursing control, where you will receive your medical discharge report, if you are prepared, and the instructions to carry out your treatment at home.
  • Then, go to the cashier's department, located on the ground floor of the hospitalization building, to proceed with the settlement of the invoice corresponding to your income or extras. The day of admission is considered as a stay. The following stays are generated after 12.00; from that time, it will be billed as a full stay.


  • It may be requested at any time during your admission. It is necessary to fill out a document that must be requested in the nursing control of the plant.


  • Do not forget the medical discharge report, when available. It is recommended that you go through the cashier's department before 12.00 hours to cash the payment for the services provided.
  • Make sure you understand the instructions to carry out your treatment at home.
  • Once released, you must leave the room as soon as possible, as other patients may require it.
  • If your doctor tells you that you need an ambulance to go home, he will ask for it and the nursing staff will be in charge of notifying you. Wait in your room until the vehicle arrives.