CHAPEL. Located on the ground floor of outpatient clinics, it is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Sundays and holidays Mass is celebrated at 12.00. You can request religious attention by calling reception (29)

PARKING. The hospital has a car park available to users, with access through Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, 14. There is also a municipal parking lot on Calle Profesor. Severo Ochoa, with access by the same route, by Artes Gráficas street or by the street Micer Mascó, with which Quirónsalud has a discount agreement in its rates of 10% for patients and visitors. In any case, the hospital is not responsible for theft, theft, loss or damage to third parties or their content, recommending that they close their vehicle properly and that they do not leave objects in sight.

PHARMACY OF SALE TO THE PUBLIC. The center does not dispense drugs to the public except for outpatient clinics for hospital use. To get the medication prescribed by your doctor, go to any pharmacy. The closest one is on Blasco Ibáñez avenue, 18.

TELEPHONE SERVICE-FAX. Our digital telephone exchange allows you to establish your communications directly.

  • Call outside: you must previously dial "0".
  • Receive calls through the switchboard: tel. 96 369 06 00.
  • If you do not want to receive calls, communicate it to the switchboard (29).
  • If you wish to receive a fax, the number is 96 393 17 06. You must clearly indicate your name and room number; We will take care of getting it to your room.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT. There are several bus stops near the hospital. Depending on destinations, you can choose lines 70, 31, 80, 41 (Viveros); 16, 12 (Faculty of Medicine); 81, 29, 30 (Faculty of Geography); 29, 71, 39, 40, 30, 79, 81, 12 (Faculty of Engineering). It also has access through line 3 of the metro (Facultades station).

TAXI STAND. In front of the hospital there is a taxi rank, next to the Faculty of Medicine. If you wish to request one, you can do so through the switchboard (29), indicating who will be served.

BARBER SHOP. If you would like a hairdressing service, please inform the nurse or the hospital reception (extension 29), where you will be provided with a telephone number for the hiring of this service

WASHED AND IRONED. If you need this service for garments for personal use, tell the floor assistant. It has an additional cost. Dry cleaning services are not offered.

Before any comment on these services and others (florist, personalized financing, religious service, etc.), please go to the nursing, admissions or administration staff.