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The Assisted Reproduction Unit Quirónsalud Valencia is part of an extensive network of Assisted Reproduction Centers distributed by the most important cities of our country. These Assisted Reproduction Centers have all the necessary means and incorporate all the new advances in this field, developing their clinical and assistance activity with the best professionals.

Our Assisted Reproduction Unit is integrated within a hospital center and thanks to this, it benefits from the assistance of a multidisciplinary team that allows the performance of complementary tests in the hospital itself and the collaboration and support of many other services such as Anaesthesiology, Prenatal Diagnostic Unit, Operating Rooms equipped with the latest technology, etc., all at the service of the well-being of our patients.

Comprehensive diagnosis of the couple.

The Assisted Reproduction Unit Quirónsalud Valencia performs all the necessary tests to establish a correct diagnosis of the causes of the couple's fertility problem. These tests range from conventional analytical and hormonal determinations and specific markers for both the study of women and the seminal study of men, up to the highest technology in diagnostic imaging (High Resolution Ultrasound, Doppler-color, Magnetic Resonances 3 T and 1.5 T, etc.). Always in constant contact with specialists in gynecology, biology, urology and psychology of the unit.

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