As specialized professionals we cover the following fields of action:

  • The Biomechanical Study: the biomechanical study of walking is the complementary podiatric procedure that, accompanying the rest of the examination, not only allows the diagnosis of possible pathologies related to the foot, but also enables the physician, in a personalized way to prevent those ailments that, in addition to the foot, can affect other related parts of the body, such as knee and hip joints, even certain back problems. This system will provide us, in turn, relevant information to perform the treatment adapted to the needs of the patient, being convenient to the same extent, for athletes, children, the elderly, as it adjusts to the specific situation and the requirements of the own activity of each subject. The information collected provides the possibility of establishing a personal and individualized orthopodological treatment, with which the patient will obtain full satisfaction, always meeting the quality criteria of the Quirón hospital group.
  • Chiropodology: the chiropodology comprises a series of actions ranging from the simple elimination of hyperkeratosis (calluses), to nail surgery (definitive treatment of the ingrown toenail), through the treatment of warts, ingrown toenails, nail reeducation.
  • Diabetic / risk foot: the diabetic pathology has an important repercussion in the foot, due to the alterations of vascular and neuropathic origin that it provokes. Therefore, from the service a thorough exploration of the signs and potential problems derived from diabetic risk such as sensitivity, vascularization, level of pressure on the sole of the foot is made. Based on the findings of the same, a preventive follow-up will be proposed that will avoid the occurrence of complications or, if there are any established, apply the most appropriate treatment for this situation (ulcers cure, orthopodia, provisional unloading).
  • Sports Chiropody: before the growing sport activity that exists in today's society, there is a growing demand for systems that provide, in some cases, an improvement in performance, and in others, that allow at least, greater ease and Safety in sports practice. These actions will be mainly aimed at the prevention of possible injuries to the foot, ankle, knee and hip, being able to alter the biomechanics of the support and thereby improve performance by reducing effort.
  • Pediatric Chiropody: children are a population group that is vulnerable to the external stimuli that they can receive in their daily lives. Therefore, periodic monitoring is essential to avoid the appearance of later complications that may hinder their correct development, and the application of appropriate treatment, if necessary, as early as possible, always from the knowledge and experience that this unit contributes. Frequent falls and clumsiness when walking for no apparent reason, should alert us to consult the podiatrist who is very likely to be on time to solve an incipient problem that, in this way, has a solution with a view to the correct development of the child.

For all this, before any problem of your feet, go to the Chiropody Unit of Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital, where a group of experts will assist you and guide you towards the treatment you need.